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mardi 11 septembre 2012

Statistics in Africa: Needed Science for Enlightened Debate & Social Cohesion

Par : François Ndengwe, African Advisory Board

The Definition problem

- Why Definition Matters

- What is «Social Cohesion » ?
   « There is no single accepted definition of social cohesion” (Perspectives on
   Global Development 2012 SOCIAL COHESION IN A SHIFTING WORLD, OECD, Nov 2011)

- Proposed Definition of « Social Cohesion »
-- Oxford English Dictionary
    Cohesion: «the action or fact of forming a united whole”

-- Club de Madrid (2009)
    « Socially cohesive or ‘shared’ societies are stable, safe and just, and are based on the promotion  
    and protection of all human rights, as well as on non-discrimination,
    tolerance, respect for diversity, equality of opportunity, solidarity, security and
    participation of all people, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and persons.”

-- OECD Definition : The triangle
--- Social Mobility
--- Social Inclusion
--- Social Capital

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