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mardi 21 mai 2013

Beyond the Millennium Development Goals: Towards an OECD contribution to the post-2015 agenda

This overview paper – the first in a series of contributions – outlines a preliminary proposal for a contribution to the post-2015 era which reflects the OECD mission of supporting governments in designing “better policies for better lives”. It represents the Organisation’s commitment – reflected in the recently-launched OECD Strategy on Development – to engage with member countries and emerging and developing countries; to share expertise and knowledge through mutual learning, respecting countries’ ownership of their own development; and to strive towards more coherent approaches to development. 

The proposal, consisting of 11 elements intends to help provide a global, holistic, measurable 
and meaningful development framework. It involves a two-level approach: 
1. a global level with a small number of high profile goals and targets
2. a national level consisting of goals, targets and indicators defined and tailored to the diverse starting points, specific contexts, priorities and capacities of each country

This brief report is a preliminary proposal and isnot intended to be an exhaustive list of OECD contributions, but a draft list of ideas for where the OECD could best start to get involved. More detailed papers will be produced in co-operation with different OECD directorates, reflecting in detail the 11 elements outlined here.

To read the whole report, click  here

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