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jeudi 29 août 2013

Green Economy 2013: A Strategic Briefing on the State of Play in the Global Transition

Green Economy was one of the main ponts of agreement at the 2012 United NationsConference Rio+20 Conference. This report by the Sustainability Intelligence Unit of  the Atkisson Group in partnership with WWF Sweden considers the "state of play" in Green Economy policy and implementation around the world.  The group analyzed over 100 recent Green Economy reports, initiatives, and programs, and summarized them for this 38-page briefing.

This strategic briefing on the state of play in the global transition gives a bird's eye on the issues:
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Models and frameworks of a Green Economy
  • Systematic decoupling as a theme in Green Economy initiatives
  • Alternative indicators of progress
  • Valuing ecosystem services and natural resources
  • Risk and cost assessments of ecosystem damages and climate impacts
  • Green jobs investment and creation
  •  Resource efficiency and decoupling in practice
  • Financial sector standards and criteria
  • Large-scale allocations of capital
  •  Sustainability and resource efficiency as a driver for business
  •  Reflections on strategy for Green Economy advocates

Highlighting points of controversy as well as points of consensus, Green Economy 2013 provides an overview of the whole terrain while providing links to many other sources, studies, organizations, initiatives, and case studies. 

To download the report, please click on this link

Ousmane Aly DIALLO

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