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Ce blog est administré et mis à jour par le réseau Wikiprogress Africa. Ce réseau, hébergé par l'OCDE, est une plateforme axée sur le partage de connaissances dans le domaine de la mesure du progrès et du bien-être des sociétés africaines.

vendredi 23 août 2013

Realizing Africa's Potential, Integrity Indicators, Climate Conference and the Latin America Network

Hello everyone and welcome to this roundup of Africa-themed progress initiatives, articles and reports. Among this week’s highlights, we found:

  • Special Report on Africa: Realizing Africa’s Potential by This is Africa, The Skoll World Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation. This series aims to find what are going to be the game-changing innovations in the African agricultural sector and how the financing of this sector can be unlocked. Experts from governments, NGOs and the international organizations gives us some answers to these questions. Among the featured articles, there is Uniting Africa to Face Climate Change by Richard Wilcox of the African Union and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s Finance Minister.

  • The Africa Climate Conference 2013 organized under the auspices of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) and the African Climate Policy Center (ACPC), will bring together decision-makers and climate researchers, scientists and practitioners from Africa and around the world will happen at Arusha, Tanzania from the 15th to the 18th of October of this year. The expected outcome from the Conference is a set of concrete research proposals to address the critical gaps in our knowledge of the African climate system.

  • Join Wikiprogress America Latina  which was spotlighted this week on Wikiprogress. In preparation for the 5th OECD World forum, Wikiprogress America Latina will start a series of discussions around Well-beingQuality of LifeProgress and its relationship with the design and implementation of public policy. Watch this space for updates and further information about the dates and themes so that you can share your experiences and perspectives with us. Do not miss the latest developments on well-being and happiness in Latin America, which are due to be highlighted in this blog and here.

We hope you enjoyed this review. Stay tuned the same time next week for another roundup of the week that was.

Yours in progress,

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