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dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Happiness Economics, Tax Reform and Innovation in Africa

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s review of Africa-themed progress reports and article. The Global Burden of Disease, the pertinence of measuring happiness and the post 2015 development agenda and tackling tax evasion in Africa are among the highlights:

  • Can “happiness economics” provide a new framework for development? An article by Christian Kroll for the Guardian assesses whether or not life satisfaction and happiness surveys can help in establishing post 2015 development goals. There’s considerable heterogeneity in the factors that make people happy, the author concludes from a research project  where he surveyed 100,000 people from 70 nations that examined data on life satisfaction for 100,000 people from 70 nations. This will require customizing any development goals based on “happiness economics” and need the participation of people in any development framework based on it.

  • G20: how global tax reform could transform Africa's fortunes. In this article, the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan urges G20 leaders to enforce transparent beneficial ownership and to tackle tax avoidance, transfer mispricing of multinational companies working in African countries. Increased connectivity and education has made Africans lose their tolerance for exploitation and expect a fair share of the wealth beneath their soil and territorial waters.The video below, by the Africa Progress Panel shows how tax fraud prevents Africa from enjoying its faire share of its own natural resources. 

  • Africa can invent: Leapfrogging in unsuspected areas, in this blog post, UNECA’s Executive Director, highlights the innovations in science and technology occurring right now in Africa, from the M-PESA mobile payment system in Kenya to the Square Kilometer Array that is being developed right now in South Africa. Strong economic growth, stability and transparency have been strong incentives for investors to come and capitalize on this innovation boom in Africa but for it to benefit people of the continent, human resource training, linkages between business and educations,  adequate financing and access to reliable infrastructure such as communications, energy and transport are some of the measures that need to be prioritized.

We hope you enjoyed this review. Stay tuned the same time next week for another roundup of the week that was.

Yours in progress,
Ousmane Aly DIALLO

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  1. Having a bill protection insurance in times of needs is good, but, solid government economic reform is needed in the long run.