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jeudi 18 juillet 2013

African Governance Report:Elections and the Management of Diversity in Africa

The third edition of UNECA's African Governance Report investigates the challenge surrounding elections and diversity management in Africa. The report states that African countries have to undertake major electoral, institutional, political and constitutional reforms in order to groom social and political cohesion through regular elections. Basic democratic principles such as freeness, transparency and fairness have to be respected by the governments since they give credibility to the elections.

The publication will provide major comprehensive analysis of the state of the African governance and is aimed at scholars and students of development studies, African studies, governance, and political science. Elections play a central role in democratic governance and the political management of society, and more often than not there are suspicions of irregularity and fraud in Africa. The recommendations are expected to generate meaningful engagement amongst government officials and policy makers.

Discover more about this upcoming publication here

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