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Ce blog est administré et mis à jour par le réseau Wikiprogress Africa. Ce réseau, hébergé par l'OCDE, est une plateforme axée sur le partage de connaissances dans le domaine de la mesure du progrès et du bien-être des sociétés africaines.

vendredi 29 mars 2013

March 2013 Wikiprogress eBrief

The March 2013 Wikiprogress eBrief is now available. The big news of the month on Wikiprogress was the global online consultation on “Reducing poverty is achievable, finding those who are hidden by inequalities”. We thank everyone who participated in this consultation. For a full brief on what happened, see our report here.

In other news, the Wikis, the networks and the communication channels have been buzzing with information on the post-2015 agenda, the OECD Global Forum on Development, the International Day of Happiness and work on subjective well-being. This month we are also profiling a selection of reports and initiatives including the United Nations ‘Global Conversation Begins’, a crowd sourced e-Inventory on the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2013 Human Development Report.

Wikichild and Wikigender will be joining forces to host an online discussion on empowering adolescent girls and would like to hear your views. Last but not least, the Wikiprogress Prog Blog has published 17 new posts (so far!) on topics including poverty measurement, child poverty, linking remittances and sustainable development and much more.

See the full March 2013 Wikiprogress eBrief here.

The Wikiprogress Team

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