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mardi 9 avril 2013

International Donor Conference for Reconstruction and Development in Darfur

In July 2011, the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) was signed following intensive, multi-stakeholder consultations in Doha, Qatar, providing a comprehensive framework for peace and development in Darfur.

In an effort to support the implementation of the DDPD and lay the foundation for long-term recovery, development, peace and stability in Darfur, an International Donor Conference is planned to take place in Doha, Qatar, 7-8 April 2013.

The International Donor Conference for Darfur will bring together representatives of the Government of Sudan, the international donor community, the development banking sectors, international and national Non-Governmental Organizations and international funds and foundations.

The conference will provide a forum for the Darfur Regional Authority and the Government of Sudan to discuss with its development partners the needs for economic recovery, development and poverty eradication in the aftermath of the conflict in Darfur. These needs have been assessed during a multi-stakeholder consultative process in September and October 2012 in Darfur and have been summarized in the Darfur Recovery, Reconstruction and Development Strategy, which will be presented during the conference.

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