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lundi 22 avril 2013

The Health Sector in Ghana: A Comparative Assessment

This World Bank Group publication reviews Ghana's health sector and the challenges it face. Ghana has known a sustained economic growth these last ten years but many obstacles have to be tackled in order to improve the well-being of its people and uplift people out of poverty. One of them is the health sector, which, through child and maternal health pins it among the worst performances in lower middle income and similar health spending countries. 

Among the themes analyzed in this publication are decentralization and governance, private sector partnerships, the need to strengthen the public health system and the funding of health services. Through an outcome-oriented analysis, Ghana’s health spending is not as effective as it should be and many household remains exposed to health shocks. The private sector is becoming a bigger player in the health system of Ghana and more attention should be paid to it by the Government of Ghana for a better health delivery, nationwide. 

The impact of the demand side financing reform is analyzed as well as its impact on service use and on the financial sustainability of Ghana’s National Insurance scheme. There is a disparity also in the quality of health care bestowed to its habitants, with those of the Northern regions having a poorer one than their counterparts from the South.Though accessing data has been an obstacle, the author has been successful in reviewing Ghana’s health system through household level surveys and disaggregation of the analysis through income quintiles.

" At this stage of the country’s development, and taking the agenda for reform to the next level, the Government of Ghana could embark on significant reforms in the areas of (a) decentralization and governance, (b) health service delivery, (c) public health, and (d) health financing. Further it should set up a holistic and accountable health reform process as it transitions to universal coverage along with its concomitant service delivery, public health, and governance reforms.[1] "

[1]The Health Sector in Ghana : A Comprehensive Assessment. World Bank Group.

Wikiprogress Africa Coordinator

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